Couples Therapy

Let me help you get to the heart of the matter and restore wellbeing, safety, and vibrancy in your relationship.

Rather than simply focusing on “tools” or “agreements” like many other couples therapy techniques, I am trained in an approach  nationally recognized for its excellence and effectiveness, called Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples- EFT for short- which focuses on getting to the root of the issues and actually resolving past hurts, resentments, or misunderstandings. The difference is a deep and long-lasting restoration in trust, intimacy, and connection, rather than temporarily putting a band-aid on deeper wounding and hurts.

Whether you struggle with:

 Unhealthy patterns with your partner

You feel like you have to manage them, or change who they are and how they live. Or, you feel excessively anxious or  dependent, like you can’t make a decision without their validation or approval.

Or maybe you struggle with communication?

You watch yourselves fight dirty and know you are not showing up in integrity, all while feeling the pain of bringing out the worst in each other.

Perhaps, it’s not anger that is the issue; it’s distance that has occurred through time and a lack of engaged and meaningful connection, rather than explosions.

Whatever the unique situation your relationship is in, the roots of the issue most likely stem from childhood experience in your earliest relationships, and how you learned to be in relationship and what to expect from others.

The good news is, our adult relationships can actually help us heal our earliest wounding when we work consciously and intentionally with the patterns, emotions, and triggers the relationship brings up.

In this way, couples work can be some of the deepest and most transformative, as it asks both partners to courageously face themselves, as well as take responsibility for how they show up with their partners.

Let me help you and your partner grow into a more adult, skillful, dynamic, and elegant relationship; contact me here.